In April 2019, coinciding with the 90th anniversary of the university’s founding, MAU will open the College of Creative Thinking for Social Innovation and the Department of Creative Innovation.
This department aims to cultivate individuals who will identify problems for themselves and develop innovative solutions, without being constrained by conventional modes of thinking.
Today, amid intense changes in the environment and with an unpredictable future, we need people with a flexible mind-set and creative imagination, who are capable of solving social problems and creating fresh value for humankind, rather than simply pursuing a specific discipline.

Since its founding, MAU has cultivated creative thinking, providing students with mechanisms for solving problems with new ideas generated by their own questions, based on the sound observational capabilities fostered by this institution’s unique art and design education and liberal arts education. This ability, which goes beyond merely producing works, holds ample potential to lead us toward solutions to a variety of problems lurking within modern society.
However, wide-ranging knowledge of modern society and industrial structures, literacy in cuttingedge technologies, and a profound understanding of the humans themselves who form society are all essential to utilizing creative thinking in the real world. Accordingly, students learn specific methods for applying creative thinking in the real world through studies that blend the three realms of business, technology, and human value, based on the foundation of creative thinking.
At the new Ichigaya Campus, which will open at the same time, MAU plans to take advantage of its location in the heart of the metropolis to put in place an environment conducive to more diverse, higher-level study, including project-based exercises undertaken in collaboration with companies and local governments, and classes given in conjunction with the graduate school.