Is it possible to visit the university campus?

Certainly. If you visit Admission Section between 9 am and 4 pm on any day except Sundays and national holidays, you can receive our prospectus (available in Japanese only) and our campus map. You are welcome to freely look around the campus, and although you are not permitted to enter the classrooms, studios and workrooms, you can observe them from outside.
Since there are few students on campus during the summer, winter, and spring vacations, these times may not be appropriate times for your visit. The university is fully open to the public : at our open campus, the art festival and Degree Show. For the university schedule, please refer to the Calendar of Events.

How can I enroll at MAU?

If you would like to study at MAU, you are required to take an entrance exam. Information on our entrance examination is available here. Unfortunately, we do not offer any non-degree programs or short-term programs.

Can I study at MAU as a research student?

If you are a Japanese Government Scholarship applicant (called the MEXT scholarship research student), you will be eligible to apply to our university as a research student. Please refer here for more details on the MEXT scholarship program.

How much knowledge of Japanese is necessary?

Since most of the classes, seminars, and exams are conducted solely in Japanese, you should be able to write, read, and speak Japanese fluently. At the very least, you are required to sufficiently understand the application guidebook written in Japanese.