The Master's course is a two-year program.

Creative Thinking for Social Innovation Courses

Creative Leadership

With a curriculum strongly focused on practical projects rooted in creative thinking to develop ideas and mechanisms, this program cultivates the creative leadership required to lead a team in the real world. Joint exercises with undergraduate students from the College of Creative Thinking for Social Innovation provide graduate students with the experience of managing undergraduates, while the study of start-ups teaches them ways to produce new business models and services. This course cultivates individuals capable of playing an active role in creative management, entrepreneurship and start-ups, and business strategy.

Imaging Arts and Sciences

This course studies video and photography as separate fields. In the video field, students pursue research from all directions, analyzing the various forms and functions of video as they question what video is and what kinds of video are possible, while probing the medium’s diverse possibilities, from individual expression to social functions. In the realm of photography, students take a fresh look at the complex interplay of factors influencing the contemporary photography environment as it goes through a period of major upheaval and examine these issues from all angles. Under the guidance of their instructors, students consider how to achieve new forms of expression in this context and then put them into practice.