Directions to MAU

Take the Narita Express train from Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport) either to JR Tokyo station (60min.) or JR Shinjuku station (90min.). Transfer either at Tokyo or Shinjuku to the JR Chuo Line and get off at Kokubunji (45 min. from Tokyo and 30 min. from Shinjuku by rapid service).

Take a Seibu bus bound for Musashino Art University terminal or Kodaira Eigyo-syo and get off at Musashino Art University (20 min.), or take a taxi direct to Musashino Art University.

Musashino Art University Takanodai Campus
1-736, Ogawa-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo , 187-8505 JAPAN



Road Chart from Takanodai Station (Seibu Kokubunji Line) to Musashino Art University


Road Chart from JR Kokubunji Station (North Exit) to Seibu Bus Terminal