Musashino Art University (MAU) strictly restricts the disclosure of students' educational records and other information to persons other than MAU students (current students and graduates) themselves.
If any third party wish to verify a student's educational records, they must first obtain a relevant certificate directly from the student and make an inquiry to MAU.
To inquire whether a certificate submitted by a student to an academic research agency /educational verification company or a similar organization, was genuinely issued by MAU, please follow the procedure below.

Application Procedure

Please submit the following three documents to It takes about two weeks for a response.

Required documents to be submitted:

  1. A signed Consent Form for Disclosure of Personal Information, along with a request form to verify educational background.
  2. A valid identification for the student or the graduate (e.g., passport, driver’s license).
  3. Certificate issued by MAU.

Important Notes:

MAU only verifies the authenticity of the submitted certificates issued by the university. Depending on the specific details of the application, MAU may not be able to provide a response.


Academic Affairs Section