First year

Accumulating a variety of experiences and mastering the fundamentals In the first year, students acquire the fundamental knowledge and skill set required in design informatics. They also select optional subjects of personal interest from an extensive curriculum taught by staff in other departments, to experience the basics of various formative arts and design in the company of students from other departments.

Second year

From building fundamental capabilities to specialist expertise In the three years beginning with the second year, as well as completing the compulsory subjects assigned for each year, students are free to assemble their own course of subjects from the many offered, in accordance with their own interests.

Third year

Nurturing professionalism and developing diversity In their third year students hone their expertise in their own major, based on an individual study plan. At eight distinctively individual seminars run by different instructors, students work on projects aimed at boosting their all-round professional abilities, and while studying diverse theories and knowledge in parallel with these projects, focus also on integrated capabilities harboring possibilities for progress to research and practical work for graduation.

Fourth year

Questioning accomplishments to date with a view to new possibilities In the fourth year, students concentrate on taking the fruits of their three years of learning in design informatics and applying them in projects that showcase their potential to the wider world, for their research and practical work for graduation. In addition to presentations in seminar format, students apply experience gained during contact with the working world starting in their third year - such as internships and job-searching - to aid their successful functioning in an advanced information society changing at dizzying speed, and have the opportunity to complete the courses needed to build on the knowledge and skills essential to their future career paths, and their practical and research work for graduation.