Maria Guadalupe Quesada Reynoso

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-ArtsAccepted: Department of SculptureSeptember 2012 to January 2013

Being in Japan is so surreal, it's like nothing I've ever seen before. It feels like a city of the future, I'm impressed with their advanced way of living and their impeccable manners.
Musabi is an amazing school, with great facilities and a beautiful library. Even though most of the people don't speak English everybody is really friendly.
The staff in international relations is really kind as well, and they will gladly help you with anything you need. They even assign you your own tutor, which is another student who will help you in everything you need and translate each time you want to speak with a teacher, I found mine really helpful.
I learned to carve wood and I'm very happy with the results, the sculpture teachers are great artists.
I feel really lucky for being here, I've had the best time and learned a lot! 

Kim Ahe

Hong-Ik UniversityAccepted: Department of PaintingSeptember 2012 to January 2013

I had a very nice time at MAU.  Musabi is so good - it has nice facilities, and also it makes me work better. There are very methodical classes, and the teachers’ explanations and guidance are also helpful. In addition, the general atmosphere is also very good to respect the individuality of the student. There are chances to exhibit at the Art Festival or contests, and also there are permanent display spaces in the school, so students can practice how to exhibit their works and sell their works. Also, it gives me a fresh stimulus that students have commitment and belief in their work.
There is also backup from the International Center. Everything is convenient.  There is a class tutor and a helpful advisor. The staff, including the security guards, are very friendly and good.  When you have a question or when you are in trouble, they always  answer kindly.  In addition, classmates are so friendly also.  Japanese people are kinder than I thought.  We had delicious food and nice beer, chatting, sometimes serious talking - everything that I did with friends here will be my precious memory.
The power of the new environment is amazing.  It is also fun to get used to, but it is more important to feel differences from the new environment-which you haven’t experienced and the fresh feeling from the differences. For me, even daily life, feeling like that, it is also very helpful when painting. In addition, I was inspired by various stimuli, and also it became a good way to feel refreshed.
I think this sense can’t be made except by being in the new environment, so I take care of the moments here, the moments are sometimes heart pounding and full of pressure, sometimes exciting. Those moments piled up, and now it has become my courage. I feel like that I can do anything wherever I go or whatever I do. I really appreciate the chance to stay at Musabi. I am grateful for everything given to me.
Lastly, I’d like to say thank you to the international center and oil painting classmates.

Deniz Santoro

Politecnico di MilanoAccepted: Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft DesignApril 2012 to July 2012

Hello everybody, my name is Deniz, I come from the Interior design department at Politecnico di Milan, in Italy.
How can I start describing this experience at Musabi? Actually I can't imagine that in August I'll be back in my hometown, I'm really sad and I'd like to spend more time here in Japan.
These months here were amazing. When I arrived and started the classes I had a lot of difficulties, because of my different cultural background and my way of projecting and approaching to the design, completely different compared to the Japanese one.
So at the beginning I was overwhelmed by deadlines and reviews and meeting and I felt like a "fish out of the water", moreover I was alone 10,000 km far from home and it was my first time in Asia.
Then I started to understand the way of living here, and start to learning the language, and, of course, make friends. I discovered a very stimulating and high quality school environment. I was fully integrated and all of my sensei and classmates were really supportive and friendly. They went beyond their shyness and helped me even in the simplest things, also not related to university.
I learned so much staying at Musabi and most of all I forged relationships with a lot of kind people. I have no words to say thanks to all at the Kokusai center, to all of my sensei and assistants of my department. It was the best time of my life.
It's a challenge but the most adventurous challenge you could ever take.

Serena Bardelli

Politecnico di MilanoAccepted: Department of Design InformaticsApril 2012 to July 2012

 The experience in Musabi has been beyond my expectations.
Living in Japan has always been a dream of my life and even if I was a little bit scared about the culture's differences, but from the moment I arrived here I felt like home.
The language barrier is not such a problem, because a lot of people can speak English and even if not, they tried to get in touch with you trying their best.
The professors here are very qualified and available to answer to all my questions and very kind and helpful.
I met a lot of awesome friends from different departments, starting from my tutors that helped me to understand the classes and we spent a lot of time together discovering each other.
The life here in Musabi is exciting because everyday there's always something new to do and to see and just going to the library to read a book it's a unique experience.
Here, so far, I had the best time of my life and I recommend this experience to everybody.