Leimei Julia CHIU

Leimei Julia CHIU (キュー・リーメイ・ジュリヤ)

cross-disciplinary, multi-national collaborative projects, global design promotion, design for social innovations
Visual Communication Design
How to strive to help students achieve true cross-cultural experiences that will enrich their output as professionals across national and cultural barriers?

著書 Gateways to Open Dialogues より 南アフリカでのこどもワークショップ

Creativity is a moral and political force.
I believe that creative people, companies and governmental bodies can work alongside the community to create products, services, spaces and experiences that not only satisfy a function or solve a problem, but that are also rooted in the human heart with grace, beauty, and compassion.

In collaboration with creators from across the globe, I have had the privilege to work with over 480 academic institutions and 160 cultural and creative organizations in 65 countries- including international competitions, exhibitions, world congresses, workshops and research projects- lectured at design conferences and academic institutions in over 31 countries; and served on numerous competition juries, including Red Dot Design Concept Award, Brno Biennial, Design for Asia Award (www.dfaaward.com), World Design Leadership Award (www.hkdesigncentre.org/en/awards/), BIO/ Bienniale of Industrial Design (www.bio.si), the Good Design Award (www.g-mark.org) and Adobe Design Achievement Awards (www.adobe.com/education/adaa/).

As Executive Board Member for the Advisory Council of METI (the Japanese Ministry of Economics & Industry) and Executive Board Member of Icsid (International Council Societies of Industrial Design/ www.icsid.org), I also play a role in framing the visions for design policies globally.

d : Sadik Karamustafa

「Use-it 使ってください! 毎日の生活にデンマークのデザインを」展覧会の企画
Kangaroo カンガルー
d: Leif Hagerup & Lars Malmborg