Exhibition "Afterimage" by Hilda Niemelä and Lisa Woite

日程 2018年1月15日(月)~2018年1月20日(土)
場所 馬喰町FACTORY(東京都中央区日本橋馬喰町2-6-4)

協定交換留学生のHilda Niemeläさん(アールト大学/受入:工芸工業デザイン学科)、Lisa Woiteさん(ベルリン芸術大学/受入:映像学科)の展覧会のお知らせ。


© Hilda Niemelä and Lisa Woite

"An afterimage is an image that continues to appear in one’s vision after the exposure of the original image has ceased."
At the end of our exchange semester in Tokyo, we use the chance to visually reflect on our time and experiences here, intertwining documentation and fiction. "Afterimage" marks the attempt to deal with the finiteness of things and represents the hope that a beautiful image after all has the power to alleviate the pain of having to let go.